About Us

MCF is a company with a unique range of well designed and UK engineered products that have been produced to withstand the rigours of constant use by Europe’s top anglers. Incorporating our engineering background and expertise with many types of production materials and their applications, we have been able to produce this ever growing reliable range of products.

All our products are used and tested by myself and a small team of friends to ensure not only that they work properly, but do not break under normal use for the correct application they were designed for, with the fish safety and welfare being the governing factor at all times. 

We have a very simply ethos..If we don't use it we wont sell it! That's how passionate we are about all of our products.

I have spent the last forty years (in between working) in the pursuit of and catching my favourite fish ‘the Carp’. During this time it became apparent that manufacturing various new items of tackle and then combining them with a first class bait, gave me an “edge” over my fellow anglers. It was with this knowledge that I formed the company MCF to produce quality products.

The people who know me, or have met me on the banks of lakes and rivers will tell you that I am not an angler who courts publicity, just the reverse in fact, preferring to fish on my own. However, let us be honest we are all there to enjoy our fishing and nothing gives me more pleasure than giving someone a helping hand to catch a fish or two.

Therefore with this web site I feel it is time to put back some of the experience of the products and methods used by myself and a few friends, both in England and Europe to catch our beloved quarry.

Dennis McFetrich

Founder & Designer, MCF