Dumper Lead Clips MK2

The most radical take on the lead clip so far & designed to do exactly what it should. This unique and devastating clip allows the lead to be ejected immediately on the initial take, this is essential on weedy or “snaggy” waters. Even more unique is that you will not lose your lead on the cast, nor when retrieving through thick weed regardless of the size of your lead.

With its simple and streamlined design, the Dumper Lead Clip is also superb for Zig Rigs, with our field testers catching carp on hook lengths up to 14 ft long and dropping the lead every time!

Streamline, easy to assemble and 100% totally safe as voted by a recent independent test by CARPology Magazine! Available in Weedy Green, Muddy Brown & Silty Black each pack contains 5 clips

We are proud to say that several fisheries have now recognised our clips as the safest, most fish friendly clips on the market that they make them compulsary on their fisheries, Chef De Ville and the Island lake being two of them: