Grenville Claw Hooks

Dennis first released the Grenville  hooks about 7 years ago and has been hauling huge fish on them ever since.

This year we have revamped them slightly, they are exactly the same pattern of hook as we couldn’t find a way of improving it other than the colour, we have changed them from a bright nickel finish to our new Matt Plated finish.

Rather than Teflon coating them like other companies do which is putting a secondary process on to the hook which makes the hook thicker on the point which results in a hook that cannot be as sharp. Teflon coatings also tend to have a habit of discolouring quickly in the water, this matt plating is instead of the nickel plating which means the hooks have a nice dull finish but without compromising the sharpness of the hook.

Available in Size 4, 6 and 8 Barbed only