Flipper Indicator

Our Flipper Bobbins with their unique patented double clip system accentuates the slightest movement of the lead. The heads feature an internal clip that can be adjusted to suit different line diameters, this clip creates a fixed indicator, a bit like an “Elstow” type indicator, however once the line pulls free of the clip on a take rather than just dropping off the line and giving no further indication the line then runs through the integral stainless “ball clip” giving indication right up to the point that you strike the bobbin off. As the term indicator is intended these give total bite indication!!


The Flippers feature our unique “Bike Chain”, this stainless link chain eliminates wind movement and can be used slack line as due to the nature of the chain it can be fished with the chain hanging straight down with only the weight of the body coming into play, it will register both drop backs and full takes.

Each Flipper is supplied with 6 different coloured sleeves so you can change the head colour as and when you want.

Colours provided:


Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White and Purple