Rattler Presentation Set

Have you joined the revolution yet? The Rattler is designed to do exactly what an indicator should and that’s to give you information on what is happening at the rig end. With its unique patented double clip system, the Rattler accentuates the slightest movement. Forward takes, drop backs, even liners are clearly identified.

Incorporating our Flipper Heads, the Rattler utilises the double clip system inside the bobbin which is fully adjustable via the grub screws on the side of the body depending on the diameter of your line or braid.

The body of the Rattler has enough weight to move the line but when set correctly, only comes into play when you want it to. In addition, the solid arm eliminates any problems with wind as experienced with most indicators and bobbins.

Our Rattles work off the Matrix angled bracket providing extra stability and a universal attachment which also fits our Rattler Indicators.

Each Rattler is supplied with 6 different coloured sleeves so you can change the head colour as and when you want.

Colours provided:

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White and Purple